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Check out our event calendar to make the most of your stay in Nozawa Onsen!

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December - Winter is here!

First Week, Usually the first heavy snow starts to fall the first week of December, allowing the resort to open little by little.
Second Saturday of December, Opening Festival, enjoy your complimentary bowl of piping hot “nabe” (stew), washed down with a warming cup of Japanese sake!
25th of DecemberChristmas Day
31st of December, New Year’s Eve, Night Time skiing until 11.30pm, then fireworks at midnight, with free sake and hot wine at the Nagasaka home slope! Alternatively, you can join the locals at the main shrine, welcoming the new year by praying to the sound of the temple bell.  Don’t forget to get your good luck note for the coming year.

January - Snowiest Month of the year!

1st of January, from 11 am, free sake to welcome the first day of the New Year, at the Uenotaira ski area.
3rd Saturday of the month, the Giant rock-paper-scissor event is held on the main street. Come over and give it and go while enjoying drink and street food. (date may change slightly every year)
13th to 15th of January, the Dosojin Fire Festival is undoubtedly the most important Festival of the year in Nozawa.  A three-storey shrine is built, and the 42 and 25 years old men of the village defend it from intense attacks by the other men of the village, wielding flaming torches to burn it to the ground.  They always succeed eventually.  It is a Japanese National Intangible Cultural Treasure, and you have to see it to believe it!

February – Second snowiest Month of the year!

2nd Saturday and Sunday of February, Iiyama Snow Festival.  Our region has one of the highest snow accumulations of anywhere in Japan. The local town, Iiyama, appropriately holds a major Snow Festival every year. Featuring snow sculptures at the festival’s downtown site, there is also a fire festival as well as a unique ‘omikoshi’ parade shrine procession, one of the only ones in the country to take place in the snow.
14th February, Valentines Day, receive a small gift at the ticket office when purchasing your chairlift ticket. The resort also plans to bring you Complimentary Chocolate Fondue on the slopes!

March - A more relaxed month with plenty of snow – the best for a skiing holiday!

First Saturday of March, Winter night Light Festival.  Inspect the huge snow grooming machines and watch the ballet of the machines; enjoy fireworks on the snow and night skiing while holding a torch. Enjoy your complimentary cup of Japanese sake too!
3rd Saturday of the month, the Giant Rock-paper-scissor event is held on the main street. Come over and give it and go while enjoying drink and street food. (date may change slightly every year)
31st of March, Shin-yu pair lift and Hikage area lift including Hikage Gondola closes for the season. The Nagasaka Gondola and the rest of the station remain open until May.


April - Cherry Blossom in the valley, snow on the mountain

2nd of April 2020, The Olympic torch relay for the Tokyo 2020 Games will be passing through Nozawa Onsen village! A nod to our village's Olympic ski legacy in the 1998 Winter Games.
29th of April, Start of Golden Week, one of Japan busiest holidays, Golden week is a combination of weekends and public holidays. Most of the Japanese people take days off at this moment.  Nozawa Onsen is one of the few ski areas in Japan where you can still ski during Golden Week, as well as enjoying the spring flowers and weather.

May - Rice paddies are filled with water, and the village is filled with flowers

6th of May, Last day of Golden Week.
6th of May, The last Chairlifts and Gondola closes. This is sadly the end of the Winter season. But soon it's the beginning of the Summer season, Stay tuned!
12th of May 2019, Nagano series rally 1st stage at Motor land Nozawa
2nd Saturday and Sunday of May, Nanohana Panorama March is a walking festival. Let’s do a healthy walk while enjoying culture and nature together.   Down in the valley, the nanohana fields are an intense yellow and a perfect backdrop for a picnic.  You’ll also see the huge flying carp outside people’s houses, celebrating Boys’ day.
19th of May 2019, District rally cup 3rd stage at Motor land Nozawa


June - Summer is coming!

First Saturday and Sunday in June, Tsutsujiyama festival Azalea flower festival in Tsutsuji Yama Park. Right next to View Hotel Shimataya, and Residence Yashushi, admire the 5000 azaleas of the park, watch the performance of Dosojin Drums, buy local products, and enjoy other events held during the Azalea Festival.
Second week of June, Bamboo shoot Festival, Bamboo shoot Festival, continuing for over a week this festival takes place in the village’s back streets. You can try grilled bamboo shoot and bamboo shoot juice among the many street food and drinks available.  For the adventurous, you can buy a bamboo shoot picking licence, and try your luck at picking your own on the mountain.
16th of June 2019, Nagano series rally 2nd stage at Motor land Nozawa
21st June, Summer Solstice, International Yoga Day.  Stretchhhhh…..
21th of June 2019, District rally cup 5th stage at Motor land Nozawa

July - It's time for Summer activities!

Note that Summer Gondola will not be open during Summer 2020, due to construction of the new gondola, opening November 2020

First Saturday of July, the summer Gondola and Chairlift open allowing you to practice your favorite summer sports: Mountain Biking, Summer skiing, the Zipline and maybe assist you to go effortlessly higher during your hikes!  At the top of the gondola there are several easy walking trails, a barbecue area, and activities for the kids.
7th July 2019, Dirt trial at Motor land Nozawa is the local stage for the Japanese rally car championship. With events held all around Japan, Nozawa onsen stage is relatively technical and offers a stunning spectacle to the visitors.
13th - 14th and 15th of July 2019, Trail running in Nozawa Onsen, 65 km, 65 km Ekiden Relay race, 14 km Beginners trail race. During this event, the trail runners take advantage of the numerous single tracks available in the surroundings of Nozawaonsen.
20th - 21st of July 2019, Mountain bike Enduro Japan.
Every Saturday from 27 July a night gondola is available. Go stargazing at the top of the mountain!

August - It’s time for Summer activities!

Every Saturday until 24 Aug, night gondola is available.
3rd and 4th of August 2019, Madarao Jazz Festival, Outdoor Jazz Festival where more than 35 bands and more than 300 artists united for two days to perform Jazz music.
3rd of August 2019, Nozawa Trail Fes 27kms, 12kms and 1 to 3kms for the kid's race. Run, enjoy nature and a barbecue before finally entering a hot spring!
First Saturday of August, Hokuryu-ko lake fire festival starts at 8 pm. This is actually a fireworks contest, with many fireworks companies competing for the most spectacular display.  With folk dancing and food stalls, it’s a great family night out.
13 of August 2019, Madarao Kogen Summer festival, held at the Madarao Kogen Ski Resort and centered around a fireworks show, the festival features a performance from the local Kijima-daiko (Japanese drumming) group. A massive bingo competition and a variety of stalls selling Japanese festival food will also be present.
14-16 August (the date may slightly change every year), Bon Odori, is a Japanese ancestral custom to honor the ancestor's spirits. You can observe local men perform a dance known as Bon Odori.
24th and 25th of August 2019, Iiyama Sawagosa Music Festival, in Japanese Sawagosa mean « let’s make some noise! » local bands and Dj’s perform on stage. Many workshops, events, and competitions of snowboard/ski jump are also held there.
Last Sunday of August, the summer Gondola, and Chairlift Close.

September - Rice Harvest Month.

Every year the 8th and 9th September is the Lantern Festival, local men play drum and flute while dancing suited with an old traditional costume for the event. At the same time, many Japanese lanterns are used to decorate the streets making of Nozawa onsen an even more photogenic place.
8th of September2019, Nagano series rally 3rd stage at Motor land Nozawa
20th of September, First Game of the Rugby World Cup 2019! Japan VS Russia.
22th of September 2019, 7th Kita- Shinshu half marathon in Nozawa Onsen.
29th of September 2019, Nagano series rally 4th stage at Motor land Nozawa

October - All Japan support the Rugby World Cup 2019

1st to 3rd of October 2019, Special Japanese Yoga retreat in our mountain Chalet, Run by local instructor Hiromi-san!
20th of October 2019, Nagano series rally 5th stage at Motor land Nozawa
Rugby World Cup Japan 2019, Let’s hope the Brave blossom will make it to the final!  Ganbare Nippon!

November - Autumn Colours

2nd of November 2019, Final of the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Tokyo