Paradise Chalet

We’d love to welcome each and every one to our lovely chalet up in the mountains. There are certain things you need to know before booking.  Please read the following carefully. In making a booking, you acknowledge these conditions.

  1. The chalet is on a mountainside, at an altitude of 1,200m, in snow country, so there is no access to emergency services. We, therefore, do not recommend children under the age of 12. We also ask that you consider carefully the physical health of all your party.

  3. This is lodge-style accommodation. Meals or housekeeping services during your stay are not provided. You will need to stock up on supplies before heading up to the chalet. While we provide full housekeeping before and after your stay, please leave the chalet in the state you found it. Groceries can be purchased from the supermarket next to Iiyama station (recommended) or the small supermarket in Nozawa close to the check-in location (Address Nozawa).
    We can do a shopping run for you and stock up the chalet on request. For our staff’s safety, we cannot run this service in extreme weather.  Please, therefore, allow for 12 hours’ variability.

  5. The only way up to the chalet is via the Hikage gondola. The last gondola up is at 3:30 pm (4:00 pm later in the season). The only way down is also via gondola or ski/snowboard. The ski resort does not allow guests on the slopes outside lift operating hours (for safety reasons, as the slopes are then open to grooming machines).

  7. The chalet is about 500m from the gondola across a snowfield. Ideally, you would traverse the snowfield on skis or a snowboard; with notice, we can lend you snowshoes.  We do not recommend walking in regular shoes or boots.  We cannot allow rolling luggage as it cannot be safely carried across the snow. You may leave suitcases at Address Nozawa (where check-in is done) and repack what you need into your backpacks or kitbags. You can either carry your own luggage, or we can deliver on request.

  9. Luggage delivery is available between 7am and 8am,  and 4:30pm-5:30 pm. We collect the luggage from, and drop it off, at Address Nozawa.  Each delivery or drop-off costs JPY 5,000. For our staff’s safety, we cannot run this service in extreme weather.  Please, therefore, allow for 12 hours’ variability.

  11. We will do the check-in and check-out at the front desk of Address Nozawa. However, we need to make sure someone is on-site at the chalet when you first arrive and leave. Please commit to your check-in time at least 48 hours in advance, and advise us.  Remember that you will need to check-in at least 45 minutes before the last gondola leaves and we recommend a late morning check-in.

  13. At this altitude in snow country, weather can be extreme and unpredictable. Please leave flexibility in your travel schedule such that if you are delayed from arriving at or leaving the chalet your travel plans are not inconvenienced.  We suggest building in 12 hours of leeway.